Specialists in Electronics and New Technologies.

At #BHDynamics we have the ability to achieve the technological challenges proposed by our clients in record time and with the maximum guarantee. For this we have an exceptional human team, endowed with a long personal trajectory dedicated to technology and its applications in industry, R & D, retail and education. We cover all the needs required to guarantee success: Consulting, Patents, Design, Manufacturing, Programming, Certification, Integration and Maintenance.

#BHDynamics has been the only Spanish team that has managed to qualify for the IoT development modality in the "Third China International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest", held in Shenzhen. Semifinalist at the Everis Foundation Awards 2019. Winners of the IV Innovation Meeting of Red Innpulso. And present in # SouthSummit2019.

Hacemos realidad tus ideas

At #BHDynamics we shape your technological development needs.


We specialize in #IoT, digital, analog and power electronics.


We develop systems for applications in industry, eHealth, research laboratories, #newspace etc.


We adapt to our clients' budgets, covering both #startups, small businesses and large multinationals.

IoT - M2M

We design and improve electronic hardware so that devices can use #Internet as a two-way communication system.


We specialize in the capture and detection of #environmental parameters and their transmission to the Cloud.

We create #gateways to capture / generate data and / or control remotely. Local, global (3G / 4G) or satellite communication.

We offer development solutions for # laboratories, #research groups and scientists based on microelectronics, power electronics, #ad-hoc designs, maintenance, Big Data integration and data analysis, etc.


We develop systems for prestigious and national international #research centers. We know the needs and requirements of our customers and adapt to them. We advise you for free and offer you solutions always at the best price.

Location tracking

#BHDynamics specializes in locating people, objects, animals, vehicles, garments, etc. through the use of Beacon, #Bluetooth Smart (BLE), RFID, Apps, NFC, etc.

Know the position of your customer / merchandise inside pavilions, buildings or warehouses, routes or commercial premises, generating a whole torrent of data from which to extract information and help in decision making.


We design your #Gateway system to send data from any situation anywhere in the world (RF / 3G / 4G / 5G / #Satellite).

Carga y energía

We generate #energy where necessary. Systems for feeding devices, equipment, homes or companies. Using batteries, charging and accumulation elements; for vehicles, #cubesatellites (EPS) and industry.


We develop auxiliary systems for the analysis / forecast of production, quality and monitoring of infrastructures related to EERR. Supply quality, consumption. Sale and remote cutting.

In a society that demands more and more #electricity every day, we offer strategic solutions at the lowest cost.

In #BHDynamics we bet on knowledge as the key to success, that is why part of our time is dedicated to learning. If you are curious and want to do it, we will help you.


If you are a #Startup and want to have a professional and experienced Hardware Department at your service, that supports your bet and makes it real, at an acceptable price.


Or if you are a professional who wants to expand their knowledge or a manufacturer who wants to enter the world of IoT, electronics, robotics or DIY, in #BHDynamics we have interesting proposals for you.

Hardware Development

Support for Startups

We master the necessary tools to improve your company.

We have the experience in developing the physical systems (hardware) that your company needs to be at the forefront of technology applied to the control and improvement of production. From the selection of components to the design. Schema capture, PCB manufacturing in the best European and Asian suppliers, assembly, verification and testing. Manufacture in Shen Zhen with China prices and European quality.

We adapt to your budget, covering Startups, small businesses and makers. We shape your ideas. From initial conception to manufacturing and certification, we can make your products a reality. Sensors, remote control, gateways, control panels, software, actuators, sensors, positioning ... whatever you need.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the promotion of technological sectors in the Community of Madrid

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