Indoor / Outdoor / High Altitude Tracking & Location

The new requirements of IoT technology and current sales, distribution and BigData techniques require precise knowledge of the location of your products, services, potential customers, merchandise and / or employees.


At BHDynamics we have specialized in the positioning of our IoT devices, eBeacons, Smartphones, tablets, etc ... through the use of the most advanced Bluetooth, RFID and NFC technologies.

Both from the design of the Mobile App and from the design of eBeacons networks, we achieve that your customers / visitors can access your products and services quickly, guided and comfortably, without the need for GPS coverage, and with the precision of a few centimeters.


  • Guide to products.

  • Guide to commercial premises.

  • Vehicle location in underground car parks.

  • Access control for people.

  • Location, traceability of people and products.

  • Support to #retail .

  • Interaction with clients and prospects.

  • etc...


We allow the identification / guide to your products / services quickly and using simple native applications for Smartphone that can be easily integrated through API with those of your brand.


If you would like more information about the possibilities we offer you through #indoor location technology , please contact us. We will open a new horizon of solutions for you with an enormous capacity to generate #BigData and good results.


Or if, on the contrary, you want to know the status / position of your merchandise, process or production in a global way, we have the knowledge to develop a project that meets your needs, with the possibilities of integrating products already developed or designing to your needs. tailor what best suits your needs. 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / LoRa / Satellite / RF connectivity, etc.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the promotion of technological sectors in the Community of Madrid

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