Technological Consulting

#BHDynamics makes your ideas come true and advises you to achieve full success at the lowest cost. From the initial conception to the management of its manufacture and subsequent certification, we shape products and services. #Sensores, #control, #Gateways, # Monitoring, #Comnicaciones We also help in drafting your project or analyzing your idea to analyze its feasibility and technological costs.


At #BHDynamics we adapt to your needs, designing the hardware you need, improving yours or studying the one proposed to you.


We advise on the technologies that pose a challenge for your business. And we help you study all the possibilities, analyzing the pros and cons, integration times and prices, locating everything that best suits your needs.


We have a great experience applying Electronic Technology, Information Technology, IoT, and Back and Front Software to:

  • Industrial control through different buses (TCP / IP, MODBUS, CAN, etc).

  • Remote activation systems via the Internet (802.15.4, Bluetooth® Low Energy, etc.) through mobile APPs or gateways.

  • Data Capture Systems with sending to the Cloud DB for the generation of Big Data, Analytics and Data Mining.

  • Indoor / outdoor location, guide and tracking systems for all kinds of elements.

  • Vehicle location and tracking systems with delivery of data on merchandise status (global offshore).

  • Multi-format Digital Advertising System connected to the Cloud and digital content management.

  • Digital identification and tracking systems for fairs and events.

  • IoT Offshore, by RF or Satellite systems, (agrotech, merchandise tracking, remote unattended RES, etc.).

  • Electronics developments for #newspace (with own development in OBC, EPS, and SatComm).

  • IoT for #BlockChain .

  • Development of wearable devices for eHalth, location and status of patients, detection of symptomatic processes, distance security, remote assistance, etc.

The high specialization and experience of the members of the #BHDynamics human team allows us to address the different necessary fronts (Hardware, Software, Systems, etc.) to guarantee the full success of your projects, always from a serious, rigorous and oriented perspective. the excellence.


At BHDynamics we also offer packages of #Outsourcing hours. We help you save in your company by outsourcing the Technical Department, and contributing our experience, suppliers and equipment .




Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the promotion of technological sectors in the Community of Madrid

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