Technological Consulting

At #BHDynamics we make your ideas a reality and advise you to achieve full success at the best price. From initial conception to manufacturing and certification, we can shape your products and services. Sensors, Remote Control, gateways, control panels, software ... is in good hands. Tell us your ideas or needs; We listen to you and advise you without compromise.

In #BHDynamics we have our own developments that can be adapted to your needs, or we can design unique solutions for your company based on the requirements and specifications that you set.

We advise you anywhere in the world about the technologies that pose a challenge for you. And we help you to study possibilities, pros and cons, times and prices of integration, locating the solutions that adapt to your requirements.


We have a vast experience applying Electronic / Industrial Technology / Systems / IoT and Mobile to:

  • Industrial control through different buses (TCP / IP, MODBUS, CAN, etc.).

  • Remote activation systems via the Internet or various radio frequency protocols (802.15.4, Bluetooth® Low Energy, etc.) through mobile APPs or gateways.

  • Data Capture Systems with sending to DB in Cloud.

  • Systems for locating, guiding and monitoring indoor / outdoor people, animals or merchandise of all kinds.

  • Vehicle tracking and tracking systems with sending data on exploration status.

  • Multi-format Digital Advertising System connected to Cloud and digital content management for retail stores.

  • Kiosk / Totem systems connected to the cloud, with specific information addressed to a specific user.

  • Digital identification and tracking systems for fairs and events.

  • Integration of electronic payment systems to control systems / devices / access.

  • IoT Offshores, by RF or Satellite.

  • Electronics developments for #newspace (OBC, EPS, SatComm).

  • IoT for #BlockChain.

  • etc.

These are just some of the systems in which we have experience. The multidisciplinarity of the members of the human team of #BHDynamics allows you to address the different necessary fronts (Hardware, Software, Systems, etc.) to guarantee the full success of your projects, always from a serious, rigorous and professional perspective.


There is no impossible a priori proposal. In #BHDynamics we know our work and therefore the new challenges do not scare us, they motivate us. For this reason and for much more, we collaborate actively and contractually with leading research centers in our country.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the promotion of technological sectors in the Community of Madrid

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