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Technological Consulting

At BH Dynamics we make your ideas come true and advise you to achieve full success at the lowest cost. From the initial design to the management of its manufacture and subsequent certification, we shape your products and services. We also help you in the writing of your project or the analysis of your idea to analyze its viability and technological costs.


At BH Dynamics we adapt to your needs, designing the hardware you need, improving yours or studying the one proposed to you.

We advise on the technologies that pose a challenge for your business, and we help you study all its possibilities, analyzing the technology, times and integration prices.

We have extensive experience applying Electronic Technology, IoT, and Backend applied to:

  • Industrial control through buses and protocols (TCP / IP, MODBUS, CAN, etc).

  • Remote activation systems via WiFI, Bluetooth® Low Energy , etc. through mobile APPs or gateways.

  • Data Capture Systems with sending to the Cloud DB for the generation of Big Data, Analytics and Data Mining .

  • Indoor / outdoor location, guide and tracking systems for all kinds of elements.

  • Multi-format Digital Advertising System connected to the Cloud and digital content management.

  • IoT Offshore, by RF or Satellite systems, ( agrotech , merchandise tracking, remote unattended RES, etc.).

  • Electronics developments for new space (nano and pico satellites).

  • IoT for Blockchain .

  • Development of wearable devices for eHalth, location and status of patients, detection of symptomatic processes, distance security, remote assistance, etc.

At BH Dynamics We offer the possibility of Outsourcing for startups or specific projects. Our professionalism and confidentiality ensure the success of your products.