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DynaLoRa USB Radio Dongle

DynaLoRa is a low cost USB radio dongle compatible with CircuitPython and Arduino.

This platform is equipped with an ATSAMD21 microcontroller, plus an RFM96W radio module, (LoRa 868 - 915 MHz based on Semtech's SX1276). Or you can use an RFM95W for 433 MHz or an RFM69HCW for generic radios other than LoRa Sub-GHz.

Access LoRa networks

Our goal is to facilitate access to the latest radio technology (LoRa) by using manufacturer-friendly languages such as Python and the Arduino framework.

Ready to use!

DynaLoRa is a ready-to-use USB dongle. You can program it using the Arduino IDE or CircuitPyhton. It has an SD card, GPIOs and RGB LEDs. Fully documented on their GIT .

Low cost

DynaLoRa is a device at a really low price. You can buy it prepared to work on two frequencies 433 or 868MHZ. Request information on how to acquire it in this form .

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