Renewable Energy / Electrical Power System “EPS”  / IoT for Electric Vehicles 

We offer advice on the design, deployment and expansion of the performance of your Renewable Energy installation. We put at your disposal our experience in #photovoltaic and #wind_turbine installations connected to the grid or isolated. We develop auxiliary systems for the analysis / forecast of production, quality and # monitoring of EERR-related infrastructures for the control of maintenance #preventive, #predictive and #corrective.

In a society that demands greater electricity consumption every day, we offer strategic solutions at the lowest cost of implementing Renewable Energy Systems and improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Industrial Buildings. From co-generation systems based on fuel cells to small #fotovoltaic or #wind_turbine  installations that allow to save on the cost of energy maintenance in neighboring buildings and communities.

We specialize in the assembly and maintenance of solar plants in extreme locations or high-risk areas.

We are specialized in the development of #SCADA electronic systems to be able to anticipate the failures of your installation, facilitating predictive maintenance through BigData analysis. We offer field support to the R&D departments of the manufacturing and maintenance companies of power systems in Renewable Energy arrays.

Among other services:

  • Real-time capture of production parameters using SCADA, #IoT, #BigData and #Analytics.

  • Development and installation of hardware to capture and send data (BLE, WiFi, FO, M2M, SAT) from anywhere.

  • Ad hoc hardware development for meteorological stations specializing in Win & ISFV.

  • Expertise, analysis and improvement of ISFV, Connected to Network and Isolated.

  • Development of control and measurement electronics for hydrogen stack systems (IoT connection).

  • Design, assembly and maintenance anywhere in the world of power generation systems using wind, photovoltaic and Hydrogen Stack systems.

  • Design and manufacture of infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles.

  • Control systems through App and Cloud control of charging systems for vehicles and domestic electricity consumption through IoT.

  • Prepaid control systems by App of electric charge / consumption services.

  • And not only on earth #BHDynamics also develops power systems for on-board equipment in #CubeSats.

At #BHDynamics we bet on clean energies and that's why we constantly investigate. Proof of this are the current patents and utility models that we are working on, referring to prepaid systems for the control of Charging Points for electric vehicles in neighborhood communities, parking lots and shopping centers. Systems that offer charge through auxiliary batteries, generation of electricity through fuel cells, Renewable Energy or connection to a single point of electrical distribution.


In #BHDynamics we also actively collaborate with several NGOs deploying installations throughout the world, generating electricity where there is no possibility of connecting to an electrical distribution line (more information about our solidarity initiatives in our Blog). We specialize in the assembly and maintenance of solar plants in extreme locations or high-risk areas.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the promotion of technological sectors in the Community of Madrid

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