Teaching / Outsourcing

At BH Dynamics we give you support to develop, improve and manufacture your electronic device. You will have the talent, experience and tools of a reputed group of very high-level professionals as an extension of your company.

We support hardware and software development.

  • Advanced knowledge about electronic development, we work with the latest technology in IoT.

  • Schematic Capture.

  • Gerbers generation.

  • Manufacture of prototypes and MVP , assembly and testing.

  • Support courses for engineering students focused on the successful completion of final degree projects (TFG, PFC, TFM, etc.)

  • Backend programming domain   (Python, PHP, Node.js ...)

  • Proficiency in creating firmware and drivers in native languages.

  • Experience and excellent relationship with the main distributors and manufacturers of material.

  • Production management in Spain, EU and Asia.

We are the best candidate to be your Hardware and Programming Department, putting our experience, knowledge and tools at your disposal. We work with strict confidentiality agreements to ensure the success of your product. At B H Dynamics we are above all, professionals.