DynOSSAT-EDU is a PocketCube with all the necessary elements for its use as a NewSpace teaching platform, including Sub-GHz radio communications. It is composed of 4 PCBs of 45x45mm in which you will find all the elements of common use in the nano and pico satellites that are sent to LEO orbits.

DynOSSAT has been recognized as a valid product by prestigious brands such as Nordik Semiconductors, Adafruit, CircuiPython Association, etc .

Fully Programmable

Fully programmable under IDE-Arduino or Circuit Python. You will find libraries and example codes for all its elements on this WEBSITE .

Open Source

Both the Hardware and the Software can be consulted in the GIT of DynOSSAT-EDU as it is completely Open Source, which allows its use as a didactic platform.

The cheapest on the market

It is currently the CHEAPEST full-featured platform for NewSpace on the market. If you are interested in acquiring it, you can make your preorder using this form .

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