Development of Electronics for Researchers and Scientific Laboratories

At BHDynamics we have a long history in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of electronic equipment for use in scientific research laboratories. We develop measurement, analysis and data capture systems to generate #BigData and #DataAnalytics, for materials science, # nanotechnology , molecular biology, #biomedicine , and nano-biomedicine.


We have developed different types of application systems for national and international research centers. We know the needs and requirements of our clients and we adapt to them. We advise researchers and research centers and always work with tight deadlines and budgets.



We offer electronic, micro-electronic, power electronics development solutions, ad-hoc designs, integration in #BigData and #DataAnalytics, or if necessary we advise against new technologies or requests for national or international projects.


Among other capabilities we are specialized in:

  • Development of different types of applicator systems for materials and # nanomaterials : Magnetic, RF, AMF, UV, IFR, Visible, plasmonic.

  • Development for automated measures of susceptibility of nanomaterials, and paramagnetism.

  • Development of connectors / interfaces for Data Capture and processing. We convert your devices to the digital age and turn them into #BigData generators.

  • We automate the applications, readings, processes to facilitate the work and the replicability of your tests.

  • We apply the technologies of IoT, IIoT, BigData, Data Analytics, etc ... in your work in the laboratory.

  • We develop systems for the automation of measurement and testing processes.

  • Precision temperature measurement systems using Fiber Optics and IFR Arrays.

  • Experience in developments for research with nanomaterials and Graphene.

  • At BHDynamics we appear as co-authors of different international reference #papers and we share international PCT with state agencies such as the Science Spanish Council.

  • We process utility models and international PCT through our lawyers for the protection of intellectual and industrial property at a very reasonable price.

At BHDynamics we analyze the client's need to offer the most appropriate solution for each case, always at the best price and in the shortest possible time.


In #BHDynamics we bet for #Ciencia # Research and therefore no cost mentorizamos doctoral candidates in the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and biotechnology, as well as associations and groups from universities and research centers.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the promotion of technological sectors in the Community of Madrid

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