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The experience accumulated by the members of #BHDynamics allows them to cover an extensive part of the current technological field. At present, the recent formation of companies related to new technologies (startups) forces their founders and workers to survive in narrow fields of knowledge, which is not always a guarantee of specialization.



In #BHDynamics we have a vast experience in the wide technological arc that we dominate, which allows us to advise, advise and develop with guarantees of full success for our clients.


At #BHDynamics we do many things, and we do them well.


If you are curious and want to do it yourself, we help you. We offer courses at various levels on programming, electronics, system integration and topics related to cutting-edge technology where practice prevails and its application in the real world.

Whether you are a professional who wants to expand your knowledge or if you are a maker who wants to enter the world of IoT, electronics, robotics or DIY, we have interesting proposals for you. Courses for all ages and levels, eminently practical.

Tech Consulting


We connect your ideas. From initial conception to manufacturing and certification, we can shape your products. Sensors, Remote Control, gateways, control panels, software ... you are in good hands.

At present, having communication, control, analysis and data capture capabilities is essential to be present in the market. At #BHDynamics we have the knowledge and experience that allows us to be at the forefront of the market of devices connected to the Internet.


for Scientists


We offer solutions for electronic development, micro-electronics, power electronics, ad-hoc designs, maintenance, integration in BigData and Data Analytics, or if you wish, we advise you on new technologies.


We have developed application systems of different types for national and international research centers. We know the needs and requirements of our clients and we adapt to them.

Indoor/outdoor location

There is a tendency at present to locate objects, people and services inside buildings, warehouses or homes. Currently, #BHDynamics has several patents and utility models that allow indoor location through the use of Bluetooth Smart technologies. We integrate the solution at the best price in a minimum space for use in industry, logistics and retail and provide your company with the necessary technological infrastructures to capture position, behavior and movement data. With #BHDynamics we allow you to carry out a complete traceability of your products, and a guided and analysis of your customers to / from your merchandise, premises, vehicles, etc.

Renewable & PSU Energy


We offer advice on the design, deployment and maintenance of your renewable energy installation. And we put at your disposal our experience in solar and wind installations connected to the grid or isolated, for self-consumption, exploitation or increase the energy efficiency of your home, business or building.

We develop software and auxiliary systems for the analysis / forecast of the production, quality, and monitoring of the infrastructures related to EERR.

In a society that demands more and more electricity each day, we offer strategic solutions at the lowest cost, with the best materials and maximum efficiency.

IoT (Internet of Things)


The current moment requires that all devices are connected to the Internet. In #BHDynamics we give that possibility to practically any device. We are specialized in adapting communication protocols to the Internet. From the design of the necessary hardware interfaces to the information delivery systems using 3G / 4G networks LoRa, WiFi, etc.

Data capture, remote control and process and integration in WEB and App.

Industrial Developments, SmartCity, for Retail or for research applications. We analyze your proposal and advise you with seriousness and responsibility. Our scope covers advice on the development of Hardware, Web, Cloud and App.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the promotion of technological sectors in the Community of Madrid
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